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Privacy Policy

AptIdea Solutions respects privacy of every user, customer, client it serves.

In this Privacy Policy, we underline the process we collect and use your personal data that is stored with us in the process of doing business with us or TaxiLo mobile application. It also explains the way you can update your data and information with us and can also tell us the way we can use this data.

This privacy policy is not limited only to this mobile application, but is applicable to all websites and web and mobile applications that the company owns and runs. No matter is websites or applications are accessed through computing devices or mobile devices.

Through this TaxiLo mobile application, we have created a network with third-party operators, vehicle owners or drivers. Your data could be shared with these partners in the network on the course of facilitating you taxi booking services.

By using our services, you agree to accept this privacy policy.

What kind of personal data we collect from you?

  1. We may ask the following information while you register your account with us in order to take advantage of our taxi booking service:
    PIN Code
    Mobile Phone No.

  2. The following information may be collected during the course when you access our services
    Device Identification: A device identification number is automatically assigned to your device when you download and access our application on to your device.

    Browser: We may know about the browser you are using on your device.

    Call details: In case you interact with our executive for any help or for booking a taxi, your call may be recorded for training or quality purposes.

    Tracking Information: When you navigate through our services and travel in our taxi, your location will be tracked for your safety and convenience. We will use your mobile's GPS coordinates for real-time tracking.
    Cookies: Usage data is collected through cookies. You may disable cookies in your web browser any time if you don't want cookies to collect your data.

    Technical Data: We may collect the technical data of your device from time to time, in order to provide you with updates and other offers and information. The technical data includes the device you are using, software and applications running on your device etc. It will also include the operating system on your mobile, the mobile internet you are using, your IP address and your geo-location.


Our main objective behind collecting your data is to provide you with the most outstanding service when you access our application. We, in no way, share your personal data with a third-party and we are committed to safeguard your information, unless there is any some kind of unexpected event.

At the same time, we will be able to update you about new offers, promotions etc we use to run for our customers. We will also send you information related to changes in our service, if it happens to take place any moment.


We are a legally-binding business and we fully cooperate with the law enforcing agencies of our country. Thus, in case your information is required by agencies, we have no option, but to disclose your data to them. This may include your address, mobile phone number, IP address, geo-location or any other data.